Nov 152012

A change in lifestyle can help maintain your blood levels and keep you in optimum health. Stress, unhealthy eating habits and vices are some of the common causes of health problems. You can take control of your health by simply managing these factors.

One of the many things you can easily control is your weight. Obesity is the number one cause of heart problems. You should make sure that you are always within the recommended weight for your age and height.

Losing a few pounds can greatly help reduce your cholesterol levels. The first step to getting your desired weight is to assess your lifestyle. Take into consideration you’re eating habits and daily physical demands. Foods high in fat and sodium are not good for your health. Include fruits and vegetables in your meals. You should also avoid processed foods. If you like eating snacks and desserts, choose healthier and heart-friendly options like nuts, fruits and whole grain products.

Foods good for the heart are those rich in Omega-3 fatty acids like Salmon, Herring and Albacore Tuna. Opt for lean meats and low fat dairy products. By knowing the right kinds of food to eat, you can easily get rid of your bad eating habits and take total control of your lifestyle.

Eating Habits

Eating is often used a stress-coping mechanism. Most people eat a lot when they are stressed, bored, frustrated or lonely. Others would take small meals during the day and then eat a big meal just before going to bed. These are bad eating habits which you should avoid.

Choose healthier stress-coping mechanisms so you are not tempted to eat bad food. Walking and simple exercises like stretching can help you manage everyday stress.

Exercise Also Plays a Key Role to Lower Cholesterol

A sedentary lifestyle results to a sluggish blood flow, which can easily lead to blocked arteries and blood clots. Help to lower your cholesterol levels by following an exercise routine you can do weekly, if not daily.

You don’t have to go to the gym to exercise. A few minutes of walking or jogging several times a week is enough to maintain your cholesterol level and keep your heart healthy. Choose something you won’t get tired of doing. You can also look for a jogging or walking buddy to keep you going every week.

Help lower cholesterol with a healthy lifestyle. Simple lifestyle changes and healthy choices are the key to having your desired cholesterol level. Healthy food choices, the right weight and daily exercise will greatly help reduce your risk of having a heart problem and other health conditions, and go a long way to helping you to lower your cholesterol.

If you have cholesterol problems it is important to regain your health and consider lifestyle changes rather than become dependent on prescription medications for the long term.


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