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Here is a useful video explaining what gout is:

Player is a 30-year medical researcher, nutrition specialist, and health consultant. He has a Ph.D. in Health Sciences and a degree in Chinese medicine. Player is listed as an expert author on ezinarticles.com, Yahoo Network, has published over 200 health articles, 12 books and lectured on a wide range of health topics.

Player uses a common-sense approach to writing this latest e-book series. His book “27 Most Important Health Questions about Gout: Not for Dummies Answers (27 Most Important Health Questions Series)”, is based on his comprehensive survey of what people want to know about gout. As part of his research, he compiled a list of 1000 questions. From those, he chose the 27 most important questions that most people wanted to be answered and empower them to take action. Answers are reviewed by medical advisory board.

Player promises an accurate, quick learning experience to better inform you before you visit your doctor.

Chapter 2 is organized as a “fast read” of the 27 Q&A’s: Read in 7 minutes

Most Popular Question in the Survey and the Internet – “What is Gout?”

Answer: Gout is a disease which develops as a result of the accumulation of uric acid crystals in the body when the body breaks down purines. This uric acid crystallizes in the tissues when its concentration in the blood rises above the normal level, though some patients develop the symptoms of gout even when their uric acid levels are within a normal range. Read more…

In Chapter 3: Understanding Gout

In Chapter 4: Causes of Gout

In Chapter 5: Symptoms and Diagnosis of Gout

In Chapter 6: Prevention of Gout

In Chapter 7: Treatment Options-Medication

In Chapter 8: Treatment Options-Alternative Approach

In Chapter 9: Living with Gout

In Chapter 10: Nutrition Plan: Stepping Outside the Box

In Chapter 11: Chinese Medicine Approach for Gout


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