Nov 142012

Iodine is not just important for the thyroid gland. Although, many people, including doctors, believe that the function of iodine is simply to be used by the thyroid gland to produce hormones, and that iodine supplements are not needed because the body needs such a small amount of iodine. Iodine is present in all our body’s organs and tissues. A diet containing sufficient amounts of iodine is necessary to support and maintain whole body iodine sufficiency.

According to the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE), there are around 27 million people in the USA with thyroid disorders. That is a significant proportion of the population. The AACE asserts that as much as half of the cases of thyroid disease are not diagnosed. This is due to the vagueness of the symptoms and the fact that thyroid disease is often an underlying factor that promotes various other secondary disorders.

Thyroid disease is increasing, and it is believed to be the result of insufficient consumption of iodine, together with increased exposure and consumption of chloride, fluoride and bromide which are also from the same family of halogens as iodine.

Iodine Supports Your Health in Many Ways

Iodine is essential to our proper health and functioning, which includes the following important areas:

  • Bones
  • Brain
  • Breasts
  • Eyes
  • Gastrointestinal System
  • Gonads
  • Heart
  • Hormones
  • Immune System
  • Lungs
  • Mouth
  • Ovaries
  • Skin
  • Thyroid
  • Uterus

It is known that the thyroid gland and many other tissues in our body need much more iodine than the recommended daily allowance of around 0.125mg. The thyroid gland requires 3-6 mgs per day. Breast tissue requires 5 mg per day. Other tissues in the body require an additional 2mg per day. That is a daily requirement of 10-13 mg per day. Iodine is required in all the glands of our endocrine system. That amount of iodine is very difficult to obtain through our natural diet, and therefore iodine supplements may need to be considered.

According to Dr. Abraham, one of the leading researchers of iodine, some other roles of iodine in our body include prevention of abnormal heart rhythms, mood regulation, cancer prevention, blood pressure regulation, prevention and treatment of fibrocystic breast disease, regulation of blood sugar, and prevention and treatment of diabetes. Iodine also enhances our immune system function and has valuable antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, and antiparasitic properties. Obtaining sufficient iodine through normal diet and without the use of iodine supplements is indeed questionable.

Molecular iodine is absorbed by the body in a different way to iodide. So both forms are important for our health. Dr. Abraham’s research indicates that the thyroid gland favors iodide, and other organs, such as the ovaries and breast, favor iodine in its elemental form. Both iodine and iodide are in the formula for Iodoral and also in the Lugol’s solution of iodine supplements, in the proportions that he recommends.

It is always advisable to discuss your health and health maintenance plan with your own health professional. This also applies to your decision to use iodine supplements. Having the knowledge and information available to you will enable you to decide for yourself after consultation with your health professional whether you feel that the use of iodine supplements may be beneficial for you.


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