We are continually developing Apps for mobile phones to make available to you easy and fast access to summary information for our ebooks and mini series.

When completed and available, all relevant details will be shown on this page for access and download to your mobile phone. Apps for Android phones will be available first, and then followed later by the same Apps for iPhones.

At the moment we have mobile Apps now available for Android phones on the following subjects:

Prostate Health – Apps for Android Phones:

Detox – Apps for Android Phones

Gout – Apps for Android Phones

Heart Disease – Apps for Android Phones

Yeast Infection – Apps for Android Phones

Or simply go to your “Play Store” on your Android and search for the apps as follows:
“Prostate Health”
“Prevent Prostate Cancer”
“TCM Prostate Cure”
“Heart Disease”
“Yeast Infection”
You will see my familiar “27” logo which appears at the top of this page, and clearly identifies my apps.

Here are some of the reviews of these apps:
James Erick – “It works like a charm in my device, the audio interviews are so helpful…really a great app indeed. Must download.”
Bane Warn – “Many many thanks to developer for such an wonderful and helpful mobile app.”
Mary – “Really impressed with the suggested herbs medicines. Going to suggest this app one of my friends, one of his relative is suffering.”
Martin Alvarez – “If you know anyone who needs a guide to detox then this is for them.”
Tomas Ferrell – “Twenty seven most useful questions related to gout. Also all the answers are provided from medical point of view.  Superb.”
Steve Khmer – “If I can get all the essential answers related to heart disease in one single app, I don’t need anything else. This app is amazing.”
Vincent Lui – “I have yeast infection and it appears every now and then. It is impossible to visit the doctor every time. So I was in need of this app.”
Jordan Opler – “5 STARS from me. Excellent work.”
Antonio Feinberg – “Im glad i found this , the info was great”
Juliana Reiss – “if you need info about detox , this is the app for you.”