About Us


I have created this website as a result of my passion for health and medicine which has evolved from the following:

  1. My exposure and influence as a child to Chinese healing systems involving medicine and exercise
  2. My upbringing and influence from living in a family of western medical practitioners
  3. My interest in health and medicine
  4. My education, study and research in western and Chinese medicine
  5. My Ph.D. doctoral research and thesis in “Energy as the Link Between Chinese and Western Medicine”
  6. My books “Everybody’s Health – Time to Reap the Benefits of East and West” and “Disease and Diagnosis for the Acupuncturist”
  7. My life as a person with two in-depth cultures – western and Chinese
  8. My work as an acupuncture practitioner
  9. My lifelong Chinese martial arts learning, practice, and teaching
  10. My desire to pass on what I have learned, and the insights I have become to realize

There is so much information on the internet these days. My aim is not to be just another site of information. Instead my intention is to provide something different that is very useful, practical and relevant. It will likely be the sort of information that you won’t find conveniently elsewhere.

I am constantly searching, reading and updating myself with worldwide events and discoveries in health and medicine. This includes holistic, complementary and allopathic medicine. My hope is that I provide here for you knowledge about what is occurring and what seems to be working and worthy of further attention and understanding.

This website is not about the treatment or diagnosis of any disease. I am not qualified to do that, and you must always seek the proper professional medical care for your health concerns or problems. What I am qualified to do is to present information from what is available in the public domain about the subject of health and wellness, and to include in it such information which may represent what I personally may consider doing as an informed member of the community to help to maintain my own wellness.

My belief is that your improved health and wellness can only be maintained as a result of your own knowledge. Most doctors that you will come across are dedicated, overworked, even heroic champions of the restoration of their patients’ health. Unfortunately for you, they are products of a medical system that is closed to innovation in some very important ways. Most do not even consider treatments that do not fit the pattern and model they have been taught in medical school and in all continuing education since. Unfortunately much of that continuing education of doctors is sponsored by the large drug companies who have vested interests in maintaining medical practices that complement their business models. So it is far from being a perfect system at present.