Nov 152012

A 12-month study shows that daily consumption of apples can help to lower cholesterol. The study reported in the Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) was across 160 women who were assigned to one of two groups. The first group was fed 75g of dried apple every day, and the other control group was fed other dried fruits.

Regular testing of individuals in both groups at intervals of three, six and 12-months revealed that the group consuming the apples achieved reduced levels of LDL cholesterol by 23%. This shows a significant health benefit of regular apple consumption, particularly for those with high cholesterol levels.

The report does not indicate why the regular addition of apple to the diet would result in such an LDL decrease. However other research indicates that the pectin in the apple plays a key role in managing the cholesterol level. Consumption of pectin is known to reduce blood cholesterol levels. It is believed that the pectin causes increased viscosity in the intestinal tract which reduces the absorption of cholesterol, thereby lowering its level.

This study certainly supports the theories and other findings about controlling cholesterol naturally can be achieved through diet. You can read the report abstract here.


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